Earn money with your literary-oriented website with sharp book-oriented ads that appeal to your readers.

LitBreaker is a different kind of ad network. We service literary-oriented brands, publishers, magazines, and other goods and services that will appeal to your readers.

So let’s get started. We handle all of the sales, ad management, creative design, and funds distribution. So you can do what you do best – build your community.

LitBreaker works with top publishers to provide book bloggers with content appropriate ads for their sites. After deducting a modest fee, the great bulk of ad revenue from publishers is paid out to the blogger monthly. There is no cost to the blogger.

We know your blog is an expression of your personality and your own take on the books you read. No two blogs take the same approach and that’s why we love blogging! Have you ever seen two book blogs that look the same?

How do we know? We’re book bloggers, too. I founded LitBreaker after my friends and I created our own book blog and discovered that book publishers and book bloggers were having a hard time connecting. So I launched LitBreaker with a handful of bloggers as clients and a couple of advertisers who wanted to reach readers. Now LitBreaker manages ads for forty sites including Savvy Verse and Wit, The Rumpus, The Nervous Breakdown and Sophisticated Dorkiness. We deliver nearly five million ads per month to about 900 thousand unique readers all over the world.

We’re introducing an expansion at LitBreaker to include book blogs in YA, Mystery, Romance, Paranormal, and other popular genres, to go along with our existing Literary and General Fiction lines.


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