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Frequently Asked Questions


“How are payments calculated?”

Litbreaker works on a revenue share basis. For every ad that shows on your site, you get 65% of the revenue and Litbreaker gets 35%. Our ad server tracks which ads show on your site, and how often, and allocates your rev share to you. Price per ad varies based on the number of ads purchased and the rates for each.


“Are payment rates CPA (cost per acquisition), CPC(cost per click) or CPM (cost per impressions) based?”

About 95% of our payments are CPM-based, though we do experiment with other options from time to time. You may occasionally see CPC payments, or payments based on a weekly or bi-weekly site sponsorship, but they are less common. Regardless, clicks from your audience are important, because better performing sites are more frequently requested by advertisers, and are allocated more premium campaigns.


“When do I get paid?”

We pay our affiliates each month, 45 days after the end of the month.  For example. for all ads that ran on your site in January, you’ll receive payment on or before March 15th.



“What ad sizes do you offer?”

Litbreaker’s standard ad sizes are 728x90, 300x250 and 160x600, which are the sizes that are most easily integrated into most sites. In some cases, we offer combination 970x250/728x90 and 300x250/300x600 ads for sites where the additional sizes are appropriate. If yo don’t know what ad sizes are best for your site, we can help you decide.

“Where do I put the ad code?”

Litbreaker has an above the fold policy. For the 728x90 leaderboard, this is rarely an issue. The ad goes at the top of the page above or below the header. For ads in the sidebar, the ad should be visible when a reader is viewing the top of the first post on your page.



“Am I bound only to your advertising?”

Our ads must be above the fold, but otherwise you are free to use other (non-exclusive) ad networks. You can place those ads below the fold, or we can add the to your account as backup ads for when we don’t have premium inventory for you.


“Can I use Adsense??”

Sure. As long as Litbreaker ads are above the fold, you can place other ads wherever you want. Just make sure you are following everyone’s Terms and Conditions. We can also run Adsense as your remnant option, if you want.


“Can I use Litbreaker as my secondary provider for above the fold ads?”

Yes! We can still work together as your secondary provider for above the fold ads. We’ll provide ad code that you can give to your primary ad network to set as the default creative.


“I’m working with another above the fold ad network. Can I place Litbreaker ads below the fold or on other pages in my site?”

We’re only interested in above the fold placement, because it earns a higher click through rate and helps us retain higher advertising revenue for everyone in the network.



“Are the ads going to be book related?”

Litbreaker ads are 99% book related. When we don’t have premium priced book ads, we deliver either CPA ads for appropriate book products or ads for non profit book publishers or literary organizations. For our clients who want their own remnant options, we will traffic third party or house ads for you. We can also, on request, provide access to non book ads via ad exchanges through our system.


“Will my site be served pop-up ads?”



“Can I reject an ad if it’s not right for my site?”

Yes, you can request an ad no longer be served on your site via our server dashboard.



“Where / how exactly do I insert the ad tags into the html?”

In most cases we can help. If we are familiar with your platform/theme, it’s usually very easy. In the event we are not familiar with your platform or theme, we recommend checking in with the support folks for your platform (e.g. Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace, or theme author. Look for a “help” or “contact” link when you’re logged into your website or blog.


“Is there a long-term contract? How do I stop using Litbreaker ads?

Our agreement has no set term. Either party may end the agreement at any time by giving the other 30 days advance notice.


“I think I want to use Litbreaker ads, but am not quite ready. What should I do?”

Talk to us about it. If you are working on a redesign and want to wait until you’re ready to launch, we can do all the paperwork in advance, and give you some temporary tags for testing purposes. Or if you just have questions not listed here, we’re happy to answer them.

“I need help with Wordpress.”

For complex changes to your website, you may want a WordPress developer. We can help with simpler needs, however. We have compiled a series of Video Tutorials to help with many of the basics of your WordPress installation.