The Litbreaker Ad Network loves welcoming new partners. Today we welcome:   TATTOO GIRL READS I’m a 20 something lover of books with 33 tattoos. I have a boy’s name thus the handle Tattoogirl so there are no questions about my gender ^.^. I mostly read, Comics/graphic novels, YA and Paranormal genres but I branch out. Sometimes voluntarily (Japanese fiction, action, etc.) sometimes by force (See Crap My Husband Makes Me Read). I’ve recently moved back to the US from Japan and decided that it was time to put all those reviews on my Goodreads page and my personal blog on a blog dedicated to my favorite addiction: books!   NARRATIVE MAGAZINE  


A sequestrum is a necrotic bone fragment, identifiable by its separation from standard skeletal structures. Despite its autonomy, these slivers retain the phosphates and marrows of their source. A sequestrum is a remnant, independent yet interconnected to its origin. And so is the writing we publish. Sequestrum is a journal of short prose and poetry. We publish concise, evocative writing that couldn’t exist in any other form, yet reminds us of the breadth and scope of longer works. Brew us in the morning to swirl with your coffee grounds, or let our bones rattle and sing their skeleton song on your daily subway ride. In the whir of modern life, we spread our splintered dreams under your feet; tread softly, for you tread on our dreams—be them home to many a jagged, toothy edge.