The Litbreaker Ad Network loves welcoming new partners. Today we welcome:

FORTH MAGAZINE:Throughout history, the one element that has made us uniquely human is the ability to make art. This fascinating element of the human condition includes the capacity to think creatively, to produce ideas and images that help us figure out what our thoughts and feelings really mean, and to share them with the world at the click of a button. So here, in these strange digital pages, we explore, expose, and celebrate this forward-moving, always-evolving creative energy that makes us human. We focus on exploring not just the art, but the artists who always have, and always will, drive humanity forth. In the end, we hope to be an additional, tiny vehicle for the engine of creativity. To growl and move forward.

TENTACLE BOOKS: PART OF THE PISSED OFF GEEK NETWORK What do you fear the most? This is a question that’s been mulling around in my head for quite a few years and I’ve never truly come to a conclusion, seeing as the question has many variations to consider. Speculative authors (fantasy, sci-fi and horror genre authors), need to consider not only their greatest fears when writing, but also whether those fears will be able to spark the same terror in their readers. In other words, a question like: What do you fear the most? may adapt to take another form, such as: Would your greatest fear be acceptable from a marketing point of view? This may take the magic out of writing for most, but if you are creative enough it won’t stand in your way.

EMPTY MIRROR: Established in 2000 as a bookselling site specializing in collectible Beat Generation and small press poetry books, over the past decade, EM has morphed into an online arts magazine. In early 2012, we re-launched the revitalized site in a fresh format. We still love the Beats and poetry, but also have expanded the conversation to other types of literature, film, music, and art.